New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards

‘The Spirit of the Land’


The Kimbolton Arts and Sculpture Trust invites entries to the New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards

To be awarded at the Kimbolton Rural Sculpture Festival on April 28 2018.


The Awards and Prizes 

The NZ Rural Sculpture Award: $5,000 (non-acquisition award).   

The NZ Rural Sculpture Runner Up: $1000

The NZ Creative Cocky Sculpture Award: $2000

The NZ Rural Small Sculpture Award: $1000

The Local Yokel Sculptor Award: $500

The Young Persons Sculpture Awards: Individual: $500. Group: $500

 The People’s Choice Award: $500


Overall Criteria

The New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards are judged on sculptures which showcase and capture the uniqueness of  New Zealand’s rural landscape, its nature and communities.  The work should reflect the resilience, heart, soul and humour of those who live, work and love this land.

Entrants are encouraged to give expression to their cultural heritage and their unique experience and interpretation of ‘The Spirit of the Land’.

Sculptures are to be constructed predominantly from recycled farming or associated rural agricultural materials, including any natural or manufactured materials commonly associated with farming or rural landscapes. Sculptures are to exhibit skill, imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness in their construction.

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