Rural Arts Festival

Legal stuff for Artists


New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards
‘The Spirit of the Land’

The Kimbolton Arts and Sculpture Trust (the “Trust”) presents and invites entries to The Inaugural New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards

To be awarded at the Kimbolton Rural Sculpture Festival on April 28 2019.

The Awards and Prizes  

·         The NZ Rural Sculpture Award: $5,000 (non-acquisition award).

·         The NZ Rural Sculpture Award Runner Up: $1000

·         The NZ Creative Cocky Sculpture Award: $2000

·         The NZ Creative Cocky Runner Up: $500

·         The NZ Rural Small Sculpture Award: $1000

·         The NZ Rural Small Sculpture Award Runner Up - $500

·         The Local Yokel Sculptor Award: $550

·         The Local Yokel Runner Up $250

·         The Young Persons Group Sculpture Award: $500
(For Juniors Up to 7 years).

·         Individual Youth Awards

·         Primary School Students attending Years 1 – 4  $200

·         Primary & Intermediate Students Years 5 - 9  $400

·         Secondary School Students – $600

·         The People’s Choice Award: $1000

·         5 merit awards of $300 will be awarded by the judges
across all categories at their sole discretion.


 Artists and Materials Brief

This Artist and Materials Brief applies to all Award categories.

The New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards are judged on sculptures which showcase and capture the essence of the New Zealand rural landscape, its nature and communities.  The work should reflect the resilience, heart, soul and humour of those who live, work and love this land.

Entrants are encouraged to give expression to their cultural heritage and their unique experience and interpretation of ‘The Spirit of the Land’.  

Sculptures are to be constructed from natural or manufactured materials, whether new or recycled, commonly associated with farming or rural landscapes. Sculptures are to exhibit originality, skill, imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness in their construction.


Entry Criteria and Fees by Award

Artists may nominate a category for their entry but the Trust reserves the right to refuse any entry into a specified category. This would only occur after consultation with the artist.

Early bird registration 2018/19 allows artists to enter three award categories for just $50.00. The entry fee for each sculpture in a single award category is $25 when paid after January 1, 2019

Sculptures may be entered into more than one award, but attract a new entry fee for each award category entered.

There is no limit to the number of entries per entrant.   

The People’s Choice Award is not an award open for separate entry – all entries to the remaining categories are open for voting by the festival attendees for the award of People’s Choice.   


Award Conditions

In addition to the General Conditions of entry the following specific conditions apply to each award.  

The New Zealand Rural Sculpture Award is open to all entries from throughout New Zealand.

The Creative Cocky Award is open to  all working or retired New Zealand farmers, rural contractors, small block holders, horticulturalists, or persons whose primary income or livelihood is or was from working the land.

The Small Sculpture Award is open to all entries from throughout New Zealand. The work must not exceed 1 metre in any dimension.

The Local Yokel Sculpture Award is open to creative locals who live within a 30km radius of Kimbolton. (see map)

Youth categories are open to those aged 18 years and under. This category is limited to young persons who live or study within a 30km radius of Kimbolton.

The People’s Choice Award is not a separate award open to entry. All entries in the above awards become eligible for the award of People’s Choice on the day of the festival.  


General Conditions 

The Trust reserves the right to refuse any entry on any ground at the discretion of the Trust.

Entries must: 

  1. Comply with the Artists and Materials Brief.

  2. Comply with the Award Conditions.

  3. Must be registered on the online entry form.

  4. Be principally conceived and constructed by the entrant.

  5. Be mounted on a stable base and constructed in such a manner as to be displayed with public safety paramount.

  6. Be for sale on the day of the festival. (exemptions by agreement only - email )

  7. Be original works that have not been exhibited in galleries in the Manawatu in the last two years.

  8. Arrive before midday (5pm) Friday April 5 2019 for judging to take place and not be removed until after 4pm, Saturday April 6 April 2019.



Entrants must:

  1. Have registered their entry, provided the information requested and have paid their entry fee of $25 per category by the closing date for entries.

  2. Be the owner of their entry.

  3. Be available by phone on the Friday afternoon during judging

  4. Be available on the day of the Festival (Saturday) for media interviews. (exemptions by agreement only) email:

  5. Consent to their name and details being used by the media and for promotional purposes.

  6. Consent to the sale of entries through the Trust’s bank account on the day of the Festival.

  7. Ensure that any legal, regulatory or safety condition that applies to an entry is fulfilled to the satisfaction of the Trust prior to installation.


The Trust: 

  1. Undertakes that all care will be taken to ensure security of the works for the duration of the festival, it is however the responsibility of the entrant to insure their work if they feel it is necessary. In other words, the Trust takes no responsibility for loss, damage or theft of any entry.

  2. Will charge 15% commission on all work sold. The delivery of sold items is the responsibility of the seller in conjunction with the purchaser. Sold items may not be removed until after the close of the festival but all sold items must be removed from the Festival site by 5pm Sunday April 7 2019.



The awarding of prizes will be at the discretion of the judges. No discussion will be entered into.



October 30 2018 Early Bird registration begins

March 22 2019 Last Registration Day

April 4 & 5, 2019 Sculptures delivered to Kimbolton Domain

April 5 2019 Judging 1pm - 5pm

April 6 2019 Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 9am – 4pm