2018 Award Winners

The Winner of the NZ Rural Sculpture Award 2018

Haast Eagle ( Pouakai) 
by Kimbolton mechanic Terry Hawkins

Judges' comments: “A superbly sculptured work of an ancient creature that once soared over the forest of Aotearoa. In summary this piece wholeheartedly met the criteria – it was an imaginative reuse of materials and captures the spirit of the land in a stunning work of art”


The New Zealand  Rural Sculpture Award Runner Up  

Josh Bruce of Wellington with

Choking Our Children

Judge’s comments: “This is an astonishing achievement, a strong creative statement about current environmental issues using found materials. The originality of the sculpture is what stood out.”


Winner of the Creative Cocky Award

Farmer and sculptor Pam Corpe of Beaconsville

Work - Prickle The Pony

Judges' comments:  "An impressive depiction of a prickly pony using iconic farm material."


Local Yokel Competition  Winner

Sculptor  - Regan Cooper of Ashhurst

Work -Tyrone,  the ReTyred Horse

Judges' comments: “Wonderful and energetic sculpture of a magnificent creature using entirely recycled materials” 


Winner Small Sculpture

Stuart Mitchell , of Ashburton

Lest We Forget

Judges' comments: "Excellent sculpting of hard materials depicting a uniformed soldier captures the spirit of this week’s remembrance."


Youth Group Winner

Kimbolton Early Learning Centre

Judges' comments: "Authentic  creative collaborative effort reflecting the kaupapa of your desire to become an Enviro School."


Individual Youth Winner

Ava Thomas of Kiwitea

You Can’t Cage Me

Judges' Comments: "Strong concept created with a mix of found and natural materials that comes with an environmental message"

Bryan Gibson