The Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 2019 was held on April 6.
Our thanks to the sculptors, young and old who participated.

Future Festival Dates
Saturday April 4 2020
Saturday March 27 2021

Thereafter the first Saturday in April

This site is currently being refreshed and updated - please keep checking back. New images and information will be loaded by volunteers throughout June.

See the 2019 Winners of the NZ Rural Sculpture Awards and Youth Awards.


Sculpture, textile & fibre art, photography, quilts, handcrafts, artisan food … it is a showcase of country creativity.
The Kimbolton Sculpture Festival happens in autumn at the Kimbolton Domain. It’s a serious sculpture competition, a country fair and a celebration of the ordinary and the extraordinary. Dates and details for next time coming soon …


Artist Entries

The New Zealand Rural Sculpture Awards is a chance for you to show us what can be done with materials you might find on a kiwi farm or lifestyle block. We want to see what you can create



Stall Holders

Calling for stall holders with standout products to sell. We’re searching for colorful craft, artisan food, delicious home produce and goods that showcase country life.

Special deals for locals and early bird registrations.



Sculpture & Art

The Kimbolton Sculpture Festival sees all sorts at our local domain: makers and creatives, sculptors, artists, musicians, farmers and lifestylers. City parents can expect to lose children to pony rides and wool dives. House and garden divas will haggle over who gets to load the 4x4 with some really big sculptures. Cars will leave packed with craft goodies. Big mobile homes are expected to park up and family campers plan to make a weekend of it.

Not something you'd wanna miss. If you’ve got a Ute – bring it – you’ll need all the room it’s got.

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What's at stake?

Northern Manawatu comes together as a community to create the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival.

Our  charitable trust works with local community groups, schools, businesses, sponsors and local government.

It’s a reason for people from all over New Zealand to turn off the telly and make something. You're invited to take a bit of a punt, risk something, and have a go. It's supposed to be fun.

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Rural New Zealand.
Tomorrow’s inspiration.

It’s about invoking the spirit of the land to create outstanding rural sculptures

It provides an opportunity for anyone to enter a non-acquisition National Farm Sculpture and Art Awards competition, with a total prize pool of $15,000, followed by the public display of their art.

It is the Wairua Whenua, the Spirit of the Land, that calls us home again and again.



About Kimbolton

Rural Art

Ours is a small town. Kimbolton village is home to 250 people and more than 1500 people inhabit the wider district. In April 2018 and 2019 we hosted the Kimbolton Sculpture Festival.

We love our place in the hills north of Feilding. Artists, musicians, academics, and all sorts of practical types make this a community. There's a pub, a self-serve petrol bowser, cafe, police house, fire station, working garage, a few churches, a town hall and a thriving school and preschool.

It takes a while to get here and a blink to drive through, but our village on the crest of green hills and the people we call neighbours are the real deal.