Our Team


Tony Waugh is our team leader, general musterer and the man who is best at persuading folk to give us money to do this great thing. He’s a family man, a retired farmer and businessman. He’s an avid community worker and good at keeping things moving. He and his family have lived and worked in the Oruoa District and Kimbolton for a fair while – or some would say forever.

Rodney Wilson is an old hand at making events rock –  having been involved in running a public fair for a decade. The gentleman of our team, he’s the one with the gentle smile when things get a bit heated. Rodney and his family own Crosshills Rhododendron Gardens. They’re dry stock farmers. Rodney is mad keen on sculpture and has stomped around Europe looking at a lot of it. He is a community leader in regional tourism and involved in national gardening circles.

Chris Gallavin keeps track of all the discussions and decisions. He is a poet and a Massey University academic who has recently moved to Kimbolton from the South Island. He’s a keen gardener, is involved in school boards, loves eccentric cars and does a mean stand up routine. 

Darryl Coleman is the money man on the team and looks after everything to do with being a Charitable Trust. He and his extended family are dairy farmers in the district. Darryl is also a Chartered Accountant and acts in a professional capacity for rural sector businesses. He serves on various boards and not-for-profit organisations.

Stewart Morton is our circus master. He co-ordinates the festival programme. This is a role he’s had a bit of practice doing. It might be his experience as a sheep farmer that makes him so good at sorting out what should be where? As a breeder who owns Paki-iti Farms he knows more than most about what makes a good ram.

Bryan Gibson and Paula Allen are our marketing team. Both have journalism and PR backgrounds. Both have recently moved their households to the area – Bryan to Kimbolton, Paula to Kiwitea. Bryan is a musician and photographer when he’s not editing Farmers Weekly. Paula has an arts and museums background. She is converting her property to organic certification and runs an air bnb apartment.