Our Team


Our Team

Tony Waugh chairs the trust, liaises with sponsors and keeps things moving. He’s a family man, retired farmer and business owner. He and his ute never stop. Tony’s family has lived and worked in the Oruoa District and Kimbolton for a fair while – some would say forever.

Rodney and Scott Wilson are used to making events rock – having run a public fair for a decade. The Wilsons attract thousands of visitors each year to  Crosshills Rhododendron Garden. They’re dry stock farmers and skilled plantsmen. Rodney has stomped around Europe looking at a lot of sculpture. They are both active in regional tourism, national garden promotion and grow for both NZ and international markets.

Darryl Coleman is our money man and looks after our Charitable Trust status. He and his extended family are dairy farmers in the district. Darryl is a Chartered Accountant and acts in a professional capacity for rural sector businesses. He serves on various boards and not-for-profit organisations.

Stewart Morton co-ordinates the overall festival lay out. He’s had a bit of practice as a sheep farmer sorting out who and what goes where. He’s a specialist ram breeder in an area famous for its studs. The Mortons farm across several districts and are ‘up to their armpits’ active community contributors.

Steve Easthope and Carly Thomas are the marketing team. Steve jams three lives into one. He’s operations manager at Manfeild, has just completed major home renovations and is yet to recover from years in hospitality. Carly was a journalist at Stuff for a number of years and is now a freelance writer, an art gallery assistant and a keen gardener and photographer. She wrote a book last year and is chipping away at another.

Annelies Gordon. With a career history in company management, Annelies has made the break to leave Auckland and move to a slower pace in Kimbolton. Annelies has strong experience in back office procedures and systems. A past history of volunteering and counselling has led Annelies to join our team. If you’re looking to volunteer for the Festival (on the day or in the run up), Annelies will find a job to suit your skills.