Rural Art 

Our Vision


The Kimbolton Art & Sculpture Trust was formed when a bunch of locals got together at the hall, inspired by a group of cockies in Australia who were making some pretty impressive things out of bits and pieces found on the farm. 

We thought: why not do that here? (And they generously said it's okay)

The annual Spirit of the Land Festival held in Lockhart, a small township of 800 people in NSW Australia, was that community's way of helping lift  spirits after a severe drought.That festival has grown over the years into a world-famous event. 

Manawatu's 2017 winter has been wet and soggy - as far away from drought as you can get. Our challenges are different.  The dollar lurches up and down; people get sick; and there's always a ram, a duck, a goat or even a spouse looking for greener grass over the fence.

But overall how lucky are we? So we thought let's  build some stuff that reflects this beautiful land we call home.

Objectives and Goals

  • Promote, encourage and facilitate the nationwide creation of sculpture activities based on rural themes by providing a New Zealand Rural Sculpture Award.
  • Provide incentives for farmers and others to improve their health and well being by getting creative.
  • Strengthen the local Oroua community, through art and sculpture activities and by building camaraderie as we create a vibrant, exciting festival event.
  • Provide a festival of appeal to both urban and rural people and an opportunity to bring these communities together for one day.
  • Promote a unique rural experience to attract increased visitors to the northern Manawatu region.
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