Rural Art 

Our Vision


First we have to take a step back to where this festival found its inspiration. The annual Spirit of the Land Festival in Lockhart, NSW, Australia was our stepping stone. Their festival grew out of a need to raise community morale after a long and hard drought. Art was their solution and they have generously shared their experiences and given us their blessings to forge out our own festival.

Because we too have challenges and we want to do something positive for our communities by creating a great day of coming together, sharing creativity and being part of something bigger than just our individualised day-to-day slog. 

So come and build with us, an epic sculpture, some community spirit and a place to reflect on this beautiful land we call home. 

Objectives and Goals

  • Promote, encourage and facilitate the nationwide creation of sculpture activities based on rural themes by providing a New Zealand Rural Sculpture Award.

  • Provide incentives for farmers and others to improve their health and well being by getting creative.

  • Strengthen the local Oroua community, through art and sculpture activities and by building camaraderie as we create a vibrant, exciting festival event.

  • Provide a festival of appeal to both urban and rural people and an opportunity to bring these communities together for one day.

  • Promote a unique rural experience to attract increased visitors to the northern Manawatu region.