Rural Art 

Our Vision


Our festival celebrates Aotearoa ­- our beautiful land. We embrace what it is to be connected to the land – what’s great and what’s challenging about the way we as people inhabit New Zealand.

It’s a re-crafted idea.  The Kimbolton Art & Sculpture Trust borrowed it from across the ditch. We talked to some Australians who generously shared their experiences and gave us their blessing.

The annual Spirit of the Land Festival held in Lockhart, NSW, Australia, was that community's way of helping lift spirits after a severe drought. Out of hardship has come what is now a two day event. 

Manawatu's woes are comparatively few. Our festival brings together “neighbours” who drive an hour just to see each other. It’s a chance to showcase rural imaginations, to get everyone thinking about more than commodity prices and weather.

Overall how lucky are we? We invite you all to build some stuff that reflects this beautiful land we call home.

Objectives and Goals

  • Promote, encourage and facilitate the nationwide creation of sculpture activities based on rural themes by providing a New Zealand Rural Sculpture Award.

  • Provide incentives for farmers and others to improve their health and well being by getting creative.

  • Strengthen the local Oroua community, through art and sculpture activities and by building camaraderie as we create a vibrant, exciting festival event.

  • Provide a festival of appeal to both urban and rural people and an opportunity to bring these communities together for one day.

  • Promote a unique rural experience to attract increased visitors to the northern Manawatu region.